Medical Transcription

Celerity merged over 25 years’ experience providing quality medical transcription services to hospitals and clinics. We specialize in all medical transcription including:

    • Hospital transcription including rehabilitation and psychiatric hospitals
    • Multispecialty clinics including orthopedic, cardiology, pulmonology, psychiatric, and many more.
    • Physical and Occupational Therapy
    • Dental including Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
    • Pathology
    • Radiology

We will work with you to ensure compliance to industry standards as well as facility specifics and rapid turnaround times.  Celerity’s proprietary software can integrate with your EMR for seamless document delivery.

Interview Transcription

Celerity can transcribe your focus group, conference, or research interviews. We offer the following formats:


  • Strict Verbatim: The focus of strict verbatim is to preserve the audio file in written form and all sounds on the audio are included in the transcript. View Strict Verbatim Sample.
  • Clean Verbatim: The focus of clean verbatim is the conversation between interviewer and participant(s). Nonlexicals and filler words are removed to increase the readability. View Clean Verbatim Sample.
  • Clean Read: The focus of a clean read is on the response of the participant. Speech prompts and crosstalk are not included in the transcript. View Clean Read Sample.

Academic Transcription

Celerity partners with academic researchers to provide verbatim transcripts of qualitative studies on a variety of projects and dissertations. We add line numbers and time stamps to allow you to quickly find what you need, so you can focus on what matters…content.

Media and Financial Transcription

Celerity’s division, TruTranscripts, is a leading provider of professional transcription services to the media, financial and pharma/medical industries. If you need time coded transcripts, internet audio capture, etc., please visit for more information and to get a quote for services.